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How (and why) I automated my phone’s WIFI

mardi, décembre 7th, 2010

For a few months now, I’ve been using a WIFI enabled phone. It is quite useful to cut on your 3G traffic and use the cheaper (quicker?) WIFI. When I reach home, I start WIFI on the phone and 3G is stopped. And you can enjoy plumbing courses on youtube till 2am for free. However, when you live your home, your need (to remember) to cut WIFI. I don’t know for you, but myself tend to forget this step quite often. Though your home WIFI is not near, the phone keeps searching for available networks and it drains the battery.

Investigating this question, I found Tasker, an app that allows you to automate almost everything on your Android phone. After playing with it to create a good night greeting when I turn my phone upside  / down at night, I embarqued on a WIFI Automator project. And yeah, it rocks. For 2 months now, I don’t have to remember to start / stop my WIFI when I reach / leave home: I’ve configuerd my Tasker to do that for me. Isn’t it cool? (suite…)