WordPress Welcome Announcement Plugin

Current Version: 1.0.3, November 25th, 2009


Demo: As you loaded this page, you have probably enjoyed a welcome message. To see it again, just refresh the page again or click here.

What it does

This plugin displays a welcome announcement when a visitor enters your blog. The announcement is shown over a transparent veil with an appearance effect, displayed for the defined duration and then taken offscreen with a disappearance effect. The plugin supports announcement in flash format (swf) and standard HTML announcement.

The plugin is packaged with a default animation (welcome_demo.swf) animating a customizable text. Upon installation, the default announcement message is “Welcome to [your-blog-name]”. You can of course edit it to your needs.

An HTML announcement can be defined and supports all standard HTML tags, including text and images. There is wysiwyg editor in the administration panel to help you design it. If you fancy rich content, you can also add it.

For convenience, your visitors will see your announcement only once, at the frequency you define. A cookie is set with your specified expiration date and returning visitors won’t see the welcome message again before the cookie expires.

The announcement is shown on any page, as long as the visitor has not yet seen it. It is very useful if people are redirected to your articles / pages from other blogs or search engines. It has been testes on Internet Explorer 6+ and Firefox 3+.



  • Welcome announcement in Flash animation or static (HTML format)
  • You can dynamically pass parameters to your flash file
  • If you choose the flash format, you can provide an alternate content in case the visitor doesn’t have flash installed in his browser.
  • You can temporarily enable or disable the welcome announcement
  • You can style the announcement: dimensions and background color. Further customization is possible via the provided CSS file.
  • You can style the veil: background color and transparency. Further customization is possible via the provided CSS file.
  • You can completely set up the animation flow: appearance phase duration and effects, display phase duration, and disappearance phase duration and effects. About 20 effects are proposed for appearance and disappearance, ranging from simple show and slide to stunning infinite zoom or explosion.
  • You can set cookie parameters: name and expiration.
  • A fully fledged configuration page where you can completely set up your welcome announcement. Detailed description of each parameter and visual aids like wysiwyg text editors or color selectors.


Welcome announcement, Flash, animation, static, HTML, flash parameters, flash vars, alternate content, style, opacity, transparency, flow, effects, fx, appearance, disappearance, cookie, cross-browser, cross-platform, IE, Internet explorer, Firefox.

Installation and Configuration

Installation is very easy.

  1. Download the package here
  2. Unzip it
  3. Upload the folder to your WordPress site in the plugins folder: /wp-content/plugins
  4. Log in to your WordPress admin page, go to the plugins menu and activate Welcome Announcement.
  5. That’s it , you have a functional welcome announcement.
  6. You can open you WordPress blog to see how the default animation looks.

Configuration: To configure the welcome announcement, log in your WordPress administration panel and under the theme menu group, locate the link ‘Welcome announcement’ and click it. This opens the welcome announcement options page. Just go through the section and make your changes.

Nota: it is recommended to test the appearance of your announcement by opening your blog page. After you make modification to the plugin options, modify the cookie name to view yourself the changes.


What it requires

I have tested it on many WordPress 2.8.5 installations, under various themes, under Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Normally, there shouldn’t be any problem. If there is, make sure your theme calls the functions wp_head and wp_footer. A good theme should call them. Isn’t it?!


Components used

The welcome announcement plugins loads a few javascript libraries when it runs.

For the announcement:
  • SWFObject for embedding flash objects
  • jQuery 1.3.2 for appearance and disappearance effects development
  • jQuery Easing plugin v1.3
For the admin page:
  • jQuery 1.3.2 and jQuery UI 1.7.2 for the tabbed interface
  • 201a.js for color selection on admin page
  • nicEdit latest (as of today: 0.9 r23) to ease HTML content writing


announcement over the blog page
configuring announcement options
setting announcement optionsOptions Menu link
activation of the plugin
package content
package content

Development log

v1.0.5 Corrected a bug with the add_theme_page call in WP 3.0

v1.0.4 Added the following:

  1.  Corrected an addressing bug, thanks to Luis from judowaza.net
  2. Opted for the wa prefix instead of welcome_

v1.0.3: Added the following:

    1. All scripts loaded using wp_enqueue_scripts and via the hooks wp_print_scripts // admin_print_scripts
    2. All stylesheets loaded using wp_enqueue_style and via the hooks wp_print_styles // admin_print_styles
    3. Correct noConflict mode to ensure smooth running in presence of other js libraries

v1.0.2: Added the following:

    1. Ready for internationalization. Loaded with a pot file and a french translation
    2. Array of options
    3. Restore Default Options Button
    4. Dynamic loading of embarqued librairies like jQuery
    5. Improved default values

Leave any comment or bug report on this page.


98 Responses to “WordPress Welcome Announcement Plugin”

  1. Luis dit :

    hi there,

    i’ve just installed your plugin but i can’t get it to work on my blog.
    the settings in my admin are:

    Enable the Welcome announcement? —on
    Welcome cookie name —judowelcome
    EXPIRATION of the cookie —1
    Use Flash animation —on
    Animation SWF file —http://judowaza.net/wp-content/plugins/welcome/welcome_demo.swf
    Animation parameters —&msg_Text=Bem vindo ao CLUBE JUDO ALFORNELOS
    pseudo box —on

    i haven’t changed any of the other parameters

    i like the idea of having a welcome message but i can’t get it to work…help me


  2. Juste MBAMBA dit :

    Hi Luis. I like the layout of your site. So let’s try to understand why it doesn’t work on your system. I’ve checked the source code of your home page and it seems to me that the functions of the welcome announcement plugin are not called. The 1st explanation I can think of is that your plugin does not call the standard header and footer functions. Can you check in your theme files if there is a line wp_head(); and another wp_footer();? If not the processes of the welcome announcement plugins are not launched. And we will have to add two lines of code to your theme to make it work. Let me know.

  3. Luis dit :

    It works and it ROCKS!

    Thanks for your help. I’m glad you found the error.
    I was just wondering if it’s possible to change the animation flash. I’m
    asking this because, although it’s a GREAT plugin, the animation doesn’t fit
    very well in my wordpress page (colors and a bouncing ball).

    Thanks once again

    See ya

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      I can see that it works. Very good.

      You can change the animation in 2 ways:
      – if you have another flash animation you want to use, just upload it to your server and in the settings of the welcome announcement, give the path to your file
      – or, you disable the flash animation in the welcome announcement settings and decide to use the HTML announcement. As it is HTML, you can put your own images and whatever you want in there.

      There is a 3rd way, hire me to build a custom flash animation for you! :)

      For you flash movies, you can either get flash or swish via thepiratebay.org.
      If you have a video on you tube, I think it might also work with the plugin. Just try.
      Good luck.

  4. Eo dit :


    I’ve downloaded your plugin and its really cool.. Thanks for the plugin! Anyway, i wanted to tell you that; To use it with a webpage of mine I had to translate it into Turkish. Now that i have to ‘.po’ file i thought maybe it will be useful for you to extend the language support for the plugin. If you are interested let me now so that i can send you the file.
    Thanks again for the plugin

  5. Ehlert dit :

    i also installed your plugin, but i can’t get it to work on my blog.
    There are lines with wp_head() and wp_footer() in it.
    What else could be the reason?

    Thanks for help

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Ehlert.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I’ve checked your webpage on Internet Explorer and Firefox.
      There seems to be an error with your site. I can’t see the content on Firefox or IE even after reloading; and on IE I need to activate the debugging mode to see the content. The bug is probably coming from the plugin jQuery Lightbox Plugin?
      I suggest you deactivate your plugins one by one to see which one is creating the problem.
      Check and let me know.

  6. Luís dit :

    hi there,

    Has said, i tried to change the file of the flash animation and it’s even more AWESOME. to be honest i used a previews swf from another page and (somehow) i was able to change it
    check it if you want at http://www.judowaza.net

  7. What a great idea and explanation. I would have seldom thought to do this, but then again, that

  8. Luis dit :

    It works fine in IE & Mozilla, but I recently upgrade my WordPress to 2.9 and it stopped working.

    Have you some solution for this?

    Great plugin!!

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      @Luis, Thanks for the feedback.
      I just upgraded to 2.9 to check if the plugin works, and it is working fine for me.
      So give me your URL so that I can check what’s missing in your setup.

  9. Aleksandar dit :

    Your plugins is Great but i dont know why dosent work admin panel,and what i must to do to fix this.Please dont publish my web site.Thnx

  10. Aleksandar dit :

    I am grateful that you’re out and meet me, and what you published my site :).Your plugins now is up to my site please see the problem

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      After a few checks, I suspect your php version might be the problem. I have upgraded to 2.9.1 and my site is working as expected. So tell me, what php version is your server or host using? If it’s not php 5.2 or greater, that might be the cause of the problem.
      And sorry for displaying your site.

  11. Aleksandar dit :

    my host is dremahost of course, have php 5.2

  12. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing thx

  13. This is a really good article. I really enjoyed reading it. I gained a lot of information reading your article. I really loved it and I am very impressed with your work. Please keep up the good work. I am eagerly waiting for more of your articles.

  14. Jack dit :


    This is a great widget. I installed it on a site with version 2.8.6 of wordpress and saw it working the first time.

    I really wanted to use it but after the first time it stopped working for no apparent reason. Then I upgraded the site to 2.9.2 but it still doesn’t work. Can you please help?

    site url: www . onesilos . com

    PS – I have put spaces in between the dots above so that crawlers cant find it. There’s no spaces really

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Jack. I went to your site and it seems the plugin is deactivated rigth now. So I can’t check anything.

      However i suspect you have experienced the following: for each visitor of your website, the announcement is scheduled to appear only once every x number days you specify. By default, it is once every day. So it is not a problem if you don’t see the announcement twice in a day.

      Let me know how it goes!

  15. GREAT plugin and EXACTLY what I was looking for!

    The only issues I have with the plugin is that their should be some sort of padding within the Alternate content so that the text doesn’t touch the edges, and it behaves sort of weird on a wide screen. If you get these two issues fixed I may even donate, and regardless I will do a blog post. This plugin is great!

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Thanks for the feedback. For padding the alternate content, you have an HTML editor in the admin taht you can you use in Wysiwyg mode or in HTML mode. For the behaviour on wide screens can you be more specific? I tested on a wide screen with IE 7/ 8 and Firefox 3 and it looked ok.

  16. Sam dit :

    Is there an email address we may contact you at for feature ideas and issues?

  17. Josh Arcadia dit :

    Ok I will donate if you improve your plugin :)
    where can we contact you?

  18. slob100 dit :

    Hi Mbamba,

    Nice work… I use static (HTML) mode at http://www.damb.rs . How can I adjust vertical position? Thank you.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      @slob 100, thanks for the feedback. In this version, the announcement is coputed to display in the center of the screen.
      If you want to modify the vertical positionning, you can try to tweak the code. I suggest you have a look at the function « w_center » at line 89 in the file welcome.php. This function (javascript) controls the centering of both the veil and the announcement. Do not hesitate, if further questions.


  19. yesss dit :

    Hey, when I go to click on the options page, it says page not found?? Am I missing a file or is it my theme??

  20. Aleksandar dit :

    WA dosent work admin panel on WP 3.0

  21. Luis dit :

    The plugin works on WP3?
    The option page don’t load…

    Great work!! Thanks

  22. Luis dit :

    hi there,

    Ive just upgraded your plugin and it doesn’t work.
    I use a flash animation created by me but the only one that appears is the flash animation that came with your plugin…can you help me?

  23. Luis dit :

    It works already…forgot to change the name of the URL :P sorry…keep up the good work

  24. Loic dit :

    Hi, I don’t know much about html. But for now the plugin doesn’t seem to work. How do i make sure my theme calls the functions wp_head and wp_footer.

    Where exactly am i supposed to insert the wp_head and wp_footer

  25. Loic dit :

    Seem it is working now. But My text is too long and can fit into the animation. Is there a way to solve that. I don’t want to reduced the text. I see all this space above the text. That could be useful

  26. Loic dit :

    I got everything figured out, thanks

  27. Harald dit :

    I created my theme with artisteer. Plugin installed and works with the standard parameters. The config-link also shows up in the themes menu, but the link doesn’t work! So I can’t configure your plugin. Maybe you have an idea ?
    Thanks in advance.

  28. I don’t seem to be able to change the alternate text via the plugin. Would you have time to take a look at this? (Using WP 3.0.1 and I just installed the latest version of the plugin.)

    This is what I see under Announcement Content:

  29. slob100 dit :

    I can’t enter anything in « Alternate content » box !? since I updated plugin.

  30. slob100 dit :

    ooops, I lost all my changes when I updated the plugin. I must search for configuration files in my backup now… it can be annoying.
    One more thing: I have one WordPress Password protected page. All the sudden, when user type in the password, he gets Welcome announcement, and can’t move on to protected page !? I dissable the plugin till I find solution for that.

  31. Vijay dit :

    Is it posible to show the welcome animation once in every session ?

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      @Vijay. There is no direct way to show the announcement for every session. What you can do is set the expiration time to the average duration of the sessions on your site. Actually, if you know a bit of php, you can edit the code to generate a new cookie for each session. I’ll try to work on that for the next version.
      To the others, I’m setting up a WP 3.0.1 install to check the edition of the alternate text.

      • Juste MBAMBA dit :

        I tested the lastest version of the plugin with a password protected page on a WP 3.0.1 and I don’t see a particular error.

        May be we should analyse deeper your setup if you are facing issues.

  32. Ejax dit :

    hi this plugin is great but in my blog it is not wroking please help i dont know why it is not working


    i have set all the values to default , i am using wordpress 3.0.1

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      I’ve checked your website. Everything is correct execpt for the last part. It seems your theme doesn’t call wp-footer at the end. The plugin hooks the announcement to that function and your theme must call it in order to have the welcome announcement displayed.
      So you might want to check the files of your theme laptop_tech_fantasy_tee046.
      Let me know!

  33. is there a good free french translation tool on the internet ?*::

  34. justin page dit :

    I think i have a bug the plugin work then it says I dont have adobe flash player but have installed it again.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Justin. I’ve just checked your page and on my IE8 browser it is displaying perfectly the rectangular welcome announcement with a flash animation.
      I have no Idea of what is happening but it is definetely a browser question. What browser are you using? And what version of flash are you using? By any chance are you confusing shockwave and flash?
      Let me know.

  35. Raymond dit :

    I have WP 3.0.2. The plugin works great on a test site but I can not get the editor for alternate content to show. It is just the alternate content heading and a long blank area with no editor.

    I am using Chrome browser and I have tried it in Firefox.

    Any ideas how I can get the editor to show, so I can enter my announcement ?


  36. Jelle dit :

    It may be a good idea to add an option that you can close the announcement when you click on a button if you want. so that it doesn’t go automatically…
    i would also prefer a shorter cookie time.. that you can set it yourself…
    some people want to open an information on their site each time you log in, and not only 1 time a day… so each 30 mins or hour…
    but for so far: a very good plugin :)

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      @jelle, thanks for using the plugin. I note the close button on the wish list for next version. Also please do note that you can edit the duration of the cookie in the cookie options.

  37. Sergio dit :

    All runs ok except layer centering. How can I change layer positioning to make it more liquid and ajustable on the screen?

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Sergio! At this stage, the plugin automatically computes the positions using javascript properties. If you want more specific positions, at this point you will have to digg in the code.

      Have you tried to with a different screen resolution?

  38. Robbie dit :

    Hey there!

    Really nice plugin! If I like it & my visitors like it – I’ll definitely donate & use it more.

    One question – how can I change the pink bar to a purple #5D2666

    And the blue dot – to #F5AE15

    That would be perfect for me – otherwise I can’t use it – I didn’t see anywhere in the editor a place to change that out.

    thanks a million -

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Robbie. In the default animation, you can only change the background color. It is meant only for simple use / demo purpose.
      If you want a custom animation, you can build your own using tools like Flash or Swish. You also have the option to use an HTML / JPEG / GIF announcement, using the alternate content editor.
      All the best.

  39. Robbie dit :

    Juste – HI! I love your plug-in – I’d like to hire you to help me customize it – would you please e-mail me as soon as possible? TY!!!

  40. Shanae dit :

    Your plugin does not work on the latest version of WordPress which sucks. It would be a great plugin if it worked.

  41. Larissa dit :

    I’ve just translated your plugin to Brazilian Portuguese. If you want the files, please contact me by email: #########

    Great plugin and cheers from Brazil!


    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Thank you very much for the effort. It is nearly impossible for me to continue the maintenance of the plugin. Do you want to take the lead and add new functionalities?
      Anyone else willing to help?

  42. saurabh dit :

    i am unable to make the announcement after installing the plugins what should i do

  43. Franckie dit :


    I just installed the Welcome Announcement Plug-in and It’s working Great!!!!

    I customized your WA plug-in by adding MP3 Audio and added a new tabbed page on the Admin page for choosing MP3s’.

    Plays music on first visit with the Welcome Message.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I will followup.

  44. tommy dit :

    Hello Juste,

    thank you for a great plugin this is what i have been looking for.

    I am having a few issues, for some reason the animation does come up and the stage for my swf file does show but no video plays.

    also i would like to have the intro open when you click on a certain page not on the home page.

    any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Tommy.

      Let’s try to sort things out.

      – swf not playing: really, a strange issue. It probably is a matter in the parameters of your swf file. Can you try with another swf, preferably a random one. Try and let us knwow.

      – showin the announcement on selected pages: this feature is not available « from factory » with the current version. Yo can try to edit the plugin if you master php. We will try to include it in the next version.

      Keep i touch.

  45. Flash Buddy dit :

    Stumbled into your plugin whilst researching page effects for WordPress. I was inspired by this site:

    That appears to be simple js moving three layers into position; a little annoying after the first page don’t ‘cha think?!

    Your plugin looks great, I’ll have to test drive it. The additional features discussed by Franckie sounds exciting. I’d like to be kept in the loop on its development.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hey Flash Buddy!
      Couldn’t see the three layers effects on traffik.com.
      Thanks for your interest in the plugin. Every hand is welcome. Feel free to suggest ideas on future developements.
      Let me know if u’ll like to join the dev team.
      ps: that’s a pretty neat blog of yours!

    • Franckie dit :

      Hey Flash Buddy,

      We will address some of these issues on the next release of Welcome Announcement. For all of you wondering about audio, I will include my audio work on this next release.

  46. M.Ilyas Khan dit :

    Hi I Install This On My Site How To I Ad my Data in It And When Will Be Work On? Now It is not working Help me?
    wordpress 3.1.1

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      let’s work things out. Could you access the admin page of the plugin? It is located in the admin panel, themes section.
      You have to configure your announcement and then activate it. All is done on the admin panel.

  47. aditi dit :

    I tried using this plugin. It works only when I clear the history. otherwise not. Please tell me, how to set it, so that it works everytime ,I open the site.
    Is there any cookie setting for it?
    I saw your site ( this one ) , in this site, it works for each time

  48. prashant dit :

    installed the plugin bt not working.. pls guide me.. ‘m not professional developer..

  49. Tomas dit :

    Hi, I’m trying to use our plugin as a welcome screen that displays a html form. however when i insert the tags they are taken out by the wysiwyg editor!

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Tomas. Hope you’ve found a solution. If not, please note that the editor has 2 mode: a wysiwyg mode and an html mode. If you want to write pure html code, you should switch to the html mode by clicking the appropriate icon.

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