Et plouf! un caca dans la marre

This year, we usually like our bed on saturdays. Kids wake us up around 10am, and we finish breakfast by 11. Last February 19th was not different. Except from one point. Our little girl, drum roll, just aged 20 – months not years-, drum roll again, made a poo. If you follow the story, and remember the secret service episode, you would tell me this  poo stuff is no news. Well, there was something new, on February 19th. A few days before, I had bought a soft seat reducer (is it how it’s called?) and the lady was using it every night before bed just for yellow liquid delivery.

It so happened, on the morning of Feb 19th, just out of bed, that we proposed a stop by The seat. And history will remember that we, the parents, from behind the closed door, heard the sound, the PLOUF as we say in french. After investagations, it appeared the sound was due to solid brown later. Yeah, we are the proud parents of a grown-up girl. May Feb 19th 2011 be blessed.

PS: While we share these words of humour, let’s have a thought for japan, for Ivory Coast, for Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, for Haiti. And let’s show some compassion to those in need be them near or afar.

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