A secret service lambda job.

It is 2.57 …(am). The 19 months old Mushiki just made a bird poo. She made it clear it was an important event and I should wire the white house. I thought wikileak will also tell you anyway, so I’m leaking this peace of intel. It might be important. In case you are wondering, i’ll expedite the said poo to a ECB  safety vault as soon as it opens, should you want to decode it!

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  1. MB dit :

    Assiah hein?!! C’est aussi ça la parentalité : courir le risque d’être perturbé dans son sommeil la nuit.
    Cela dit, si ça peut te consoler , dis toi que Mushiki grandissante acquiert quelques notions de propreté et de confort. Ne pas garder ses productions fécales sur soi après les avoir expulsées, c’est bien non?!!!

  2. […] – months not years-, drum roll again, made a poo. If you follow the story, and remember the secret service episode, you would tell me this  poo stuff is no news. Well, there was something new, on February 19th. A […]

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