How (and why) I automated my phone’s WIFI

For a few months now, I’ve been using a WIFI enabled phone. It is quite useful to cut on your 3G traffic and use the cheaper (quicker?) WIFI. When I reach home, I start WIFI on the phone and 3G is stopped. And you can enjoy plumbing courses on youtube till 2am for free. However, when you live your home, your need (to remember) to cut WIFI. I don’t know for you, but myself tend to forget this step quite often. Though your home WIFI is not near, the phone keeps searching for available networks and it drains the battery.

Investigating this question, I found Tasker, an app that allows you to automate almost everything on your Android phone. After playing with it to create a good night greeting when I turn my phone upside  / down at night, I embarqued on a WIFI Automator project. And yeah, it rocks. For 2 months now, I don’t have to remember to start / stop my WIFI when I reach / leave home: I’ve configuerd my Tasker to do that for me. Isn’t it cool?

The Use Case:

Before telling you how I configured my tasker, first let’s have a look at what I want my phone’s WIFI to work:

  1. When I get home, I want the phone to switch from 3G to WIFI.
  2. When I leave home, I want the phone to switch back to 3G
  3. When I am at the square in fron of my home, I want the phone to be on WIFI
  4. When I go to the corner store or the drugstore 1 block from my house, I want the phone to stay on WIFI because I’ll be back in less than 10 mins and there is no use to cut the WIFI.
  5. When I have to see my banker or attend a parents meeting at kids school (1 block from home), I want the phone to switch to 3G / Edge because I won’t be home before an hour at least.
  6. I want to minimize my battery usage

I will never forget to stop my WIFI:

These are the 6 requirements I have to my WIFI Automator. Let’s now see how to implement all that in tasker. One key part of the WIFI Automator is the way to stop WIFI. I created a profile WIFI Stopper and the associated task WIFI Stop. How does it work? According to my requirements, I decide to stop WIFI as long as my WIFI network is not within reach, that means when my phone cannot detect the said network.

The profile WIFI Stopper is composed of 2 contexts: a- Phone WIFI is activated (WIFI ON) and b- WIFI is not connected. If these two conditions are met, it can only mean two things: either my phone is in WIFI Sleep mode or my home network is not accessible. When the profile WIFI Stopper is activated, tasker starts the task WIFI Stop that runs until WIFI is stopped or the profile is deactivated. To avoid strange results when I go to my garage, come back to home and then leave, the task WIFI Stop is set to not allow multiple instances and run within a 5 mins loop while the profile is active.

To do decide whether to stop wifi or not, I query tasker’s built-in variable « WIFII » that  lists all the wifi networks last seen by android. If my home network is not in the list, then my network is out of reach and I have to stop WIFI. Otherwise, I leave WIFI on to respect the wifisleep policy. [Btw, it seems it is more efficient to have wifisleep set to never according to reports on the web]. To avoid intempestive stopping, I have a 45s temporisation before trying to stop the wifi.

My WIFI will start by the virtue of Tasker:

WIFI start is triggered by the profile WIFI Starter. I want my WIFI to start when I am at home. This profile is constituted of two conditions: a- WIFI is Off and b- Cell towers covering my home are near (Cell near context).  Tasker allows us different ways of monitoring location. Of all of them, I choose the cell tower way because it is the cheapest battery wise. A cell tower covers a large area, usually larger than a house. To make the best use of this location information, I organised the task WIFI Start in a stagged loop:

  1. For 15 mins, we check every 2 mins if the home WIFI is within reach
  2. After the first 15 mins, if we can’t connect and we are still under the cell tower coverage, we are probably out of home for a long time. We make a pause for 45 mins.
  3. After the 45 mins pause, we start the search cycle again.
  4. Of course, the length of each stage can be modified and you can even set up supplementary stages. For example, a stage 3 with a 2 hours pause can easily be set up.

For convenience reason, the WIFI Start task is implemented in tasker with two task: WIFI AP Search and WIFI Start. I will try to write more about it in a future post.

A few tasks to (re)initialize the system

To help this gigantic machine working well, I have two additional task. The Task WIFI Checks Params sets up all the parameters of the Automator like the names of the WIFI networks you would like to connect to, the duration of each level and each pause. The task WIFI Checks Init resets our internal timer.

How to set it up on your android

So you read until here; you deserve congratulations. To set up the WIFI Automator on your phone, execute the procedure described on Tasker Wiki.

Final Words:

Can someone help in converting the tasks and profiles in a plug-in?

Edit: if you want to handle multiple locations, have a look at this discussion.

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242 Responses to “How (and why) I automated my phone’s WIFI”

  1. Stefan Block dit :

    It does not worked for me. When i out of range of my cell towers the wifi stays alive an dont switch of automaticly.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (XEU/KE7)
    Taster V 1.0.21u2m

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Stefan. When you switch off wifi manually at home, does it automatically reconnect?
      If not, it might mean that your cell towers are not completely listed in the Wifi Starter profile.

      • Stefan Block dit :

        When i switch off wifi manually it dont reconnect automatically, but the Wifi Starter Profile stays active. Here are only two possible cell towers and all two are in the list. When i came home the wlan connect, although i switch off wifi manualy before.

        • Juste MBAMBA dit :

          Curious. It seems Wifi Starter is working well then.
          Do you have the Wifi Stopper installed and activated? (sorry for the dumb question)

          • Stefan Block dit :

            I have imported the five Tasks an two profiles, set my SSID in the Task ‘Wifi Checks Params’ and scan for the cell towers in Wifi Starter and set the profiles active. When is the time where the profile Wifi Stopper is active? Is it permanetly active when i out of range from my cell towers or only a short moment when Wifi switched off? I have to far not seen that the Stopper profile active.

          • Juste MBAMBA dit :

            It seems u did all right execpt may be one thing: u should execute the Wifi Check Params task.
            Wifi Stopper is active when wifi is on and not connected to the home Ssid. If that is the case, it stops wifi and thus get deactivated.
            Try to run the params task and report if problems are still there.

          • Stefan Block dit :

            I forget to mention: I execute the Params-Task, too.

            I try to change to another wlan at my home (with an other SSID) but the Wifi Starter Profile AND Wifi stays active. And…No, a have no other Profiles actice. Only Wifi Starter an Stopper.

          • Juste MBAMBA dit :

            We are missing a small little thing.
            When you tried the other SSID, when the WIFI is active, is it connected? Can you access the net with it?
            Are you using a custom ROM or the original Samsung one?
            I’ll try myself the new version and let you know.

  2. Stefan Block dit :

    The other SSID is a Samsung Media Server for my tv. No net use possible. In this case i only try whether the profile switch off, when i use not the home wlan what defined in the Params-Task.

    I use the original Samsung ROM. Device is rooted.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Stefan. I downloaded the last version yesterday night and played with it on a Custom 2.3.3 rom. And indeed, you are not crazy, the automator is not playing well there.
      I’m doing various tests to determine if it is due to the new tasker or rather to tasker not working well on 2.3.3.
      Let’s debug.

      • Juste MBAMBA dit :

        Ok so i did a few tests. It seems the new tasker V 1.0.21u2m doesn’t like the WIFI AP task. I tried with an older version on android 2.3.3, tasker v1.0.17 and it works perfectly.
        There are 2 choices, either edit the task or wait for a newer version of tasker.

  3. PsychoGjost dit :

    Just having a strange issue, after using the market or appstore the wifi is turned off. otherwise it stays on but doesn’t reconnect when it is off.
    don’t know what to change to fix it.

  4. Chris dit :

    I cant get the profiles to import, tried twice. just gives me a error. any chance of posting the written out profiles so I can finish this?

  5. Ciochung dit :

    I have Samsung Galaxy S2.
    This profile works well.
    First time, it takes about 1-2 minutes to turn WiFi on.
    I am sure « WiFi off » will work properly, if I leave home.
    I am in my house now.
    Thousand thanks to MBAMBA!!

  6. kl0x dit :


    First of all, nice work, I made a profile for the same myself but yours is quite better!

    Despite of this I’ve got a strange behaviour.
    The Wifi Starter profile is supposed to run once it has detected the antennas and only if the Wifi is OFF (right?). So if it gets connected to my wifi this profile won’t run again.

    The problem is that once I’m connected it keeps running again as if WIFI wasn’t ON so it tries to connect again and again..

    Any ideas?

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      hey there. Strange behaviour indeed. WIFI Starter runs when you are in the coverage area and the specified WIFI Network(s) is(are) not connected. So, you can start by verifying if the task WIFI Check Params has the correct name of your network within the *….*. Hopefully, it should be fixed.

  7. Happyshirt dit :

    Thank you so much for this. It works perfectly on my Desire HD and i’m so grateful becaus i struggle with the logic on Tasker.

    May i ask how do i set it so that the wifi is only on when i’m at home between certain time? Like after bedtime it shoud just turn off and save on battery?

    thank you.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      i’m happy for you Hapyshirt.
      To deactivate WIFI at night, you’ll have to do two things i think:
      – create a profile with a high priority that cut’s wifi at night
      – and then edit the WIFI starter profile. You have to add a « time » context, stating that the profile is active between say 11pm and 8am.
      That should do. Keep us poste.

  8. Robert Birkholm dit :

    I followed your instructions and it works perfectly, but I am new to tasker and don’t fully understand it yet, so I was wondering if you could give me some help. I want to turn all data off when the screen is off and reconnect when the screen is unlocked without interfering with your setup. I’d also like to have mobile data automatically switched on if the screen is unlocked and my home wifi network is out of range. Any help would be great, thanks.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      hi Rob! The second case is easier: when your home WIFI is nearer, the AUTOMATOR setup and default android settings will automatically use WIFI when it is available.
      Now, let’s go back to the 1st question: deactivate all data when screen is off. If you allo me, i’ll start by asking why would you cut all data when the sreen is off? it’s doesn’t seem good for apps doing background syncing. Anyway, if you want to do that, you have to create another with high priority that cuts data and wifi when screen is off. And then, you’ll have to edit the Wifi starter profile to add a context that activates the profile when the screen is on.
      How does that sound?

      • Robert Birkholm dit :

        Sorry I was not too clear, I assumed the would drain the battery being connected to the wifi all the time because I have never seen anything in my android dev. about wifi sleep, but after a couple days it seem ok. I have the HTC Incredible.
        Also, I understand that if will automatically connect to wifi when I am home, but I want to modify your setup so that it also automatically connects to the wireless data, 3G/4G, when I am not home but Only when I need it. That’s what I meant about turning it on then the screen is on because I know that having wireless data on all the time does drain the battery alot.

  9. Rapa dit :

    Is it possible to add another profile to do the same thing at my girlfriend’s house? I spend the weekends there…. Would be very useful… Any guide on how to do it?

  10. Brad Roy dit :

    Thanks for a great app. The only problem is that it kind of quit working. It worked great for a couple of days. Now, it turns my wifi off when I leave home, but it doesn’t turn it back on when I arrive at home. Any idea what the problem could be?

  11. Fabio Albieri dit :

    Seems working fine, and also gentle on phone wakeups too. Good job !
    I’ve a question for possible improvements: how should I intervent on it to be able to autoswitch on more than one WiFi (different areas)?
    It’s just a matter to add the right cells and replace « MBJC » with more than one SSID ? What’s the syntax ?


  12. thcltd dit :

    If I want to add another place to automatically turn my wifi on, lets say work, then Im guessing all I need to do is scan the cell towers again by my work to add them to the other triggers, is this correct? Is there a better way to easily add another location to this?

  13. Will dit :

    Hmm, I imported the starter profile and it sent my phone into a reboot loop…

    Moto Photon, latest Tasker, not sure what android…

  14. I created a similar profile for turning my wifi on and off automatically. One profile turns on wifi when I’m within 200 M of my home, which I set up using the net feature of location dependency. Exit task is to turn off wifi when leaving that area. If I get to SBucks or school, I can turn it on manually…maybe I’ll add a dependency for school later.

    When I get home, my wifi turns on and connects to my home network, at which time task number two makes my data radios turn off. It uses Tasker’s Data APN task to turn off data on my GSM phone with Gingerbread (which doesn’t allow direct access to data on/off setting) while supposedly keeping MMS. It uses APNdroid (required app) to do this.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Yo Ben. Interesting approach. You have taken care of the basic situation. At the next stage, when you go to the neighbor at 100m for dinner, you do not want the wifi to stay connected and keep consuming the battery for the whole evening. That’s when the automator is powerful.

  15. Steven dit :

    I set it up for home last night and it works but is slow to connect. I tried a second profile today for work and cannot get it to connect following the same instructions.I wonder if you could give me a suggestion.

  16. Andy dit :

    This is pure genius! I followed the steps and it works perfectly. I initially started out to try to program this function myself and was quickly stymied. There was absolutely NO way I would have figured this out on my own. Thanks a million.

  17. Britt dit :

    This is rudimentary, but how do I download the tasks and profiles in the first place? I searched everywhere. When I click on the link of one of the tasks or profiles, it just opens a page with jibberish that I don’t understand. I’ve tried it from my phone and my computer. How do I get the actual file to download?

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      It might happen if you’ve set your browsers to auto open the attachments. One thing you can do, is to open the download page on your PC, right click on the links and select « save the target as ». Let us know how it goes.

  18. Lesept dit :

    Hi Juste

    I really think your app is fantastic, it helped me correct a problem with my phone. It seems to be a generic problem to the HTC Desire: sometimes when the USB connector is a little bit hurt, the phone automatically put the speaker on when sending or receiving a call (don’t ask why). I just had to create a profile to set it off when the phone is on. Great !

    BTW, I have another more tricky problem: I want to turn the loudspeaker off when in meeting. I chose to turn it off when the phone is upside down and made a small profile for this. But I think that the accelerometer gets lost when I move with the phone in my pocket, and this profile makes me miss some calls because the phone « thinks » it is upside down and doesn’t ring.

    How to overcome this? Is it possible to add a condition such as « the phone hasn’t been moving for 1 second » or something similar?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      It’s not a tasker specific forum but you could try a profile based on the condition « face down ». After that, you’ll just have to put you phone on the table, face down and tasker will do it’s magic.

  19. Selter dit :

    Hi Juste,

    Thanks for sharing this profile :)
    Unfortunately Tasker states in the Wifi_Checks_Params.tsk.xml for action 7: [REMOVED] Deprecated

    Is this action needed to run properly, or can one ignore it?

    I’m running Tasker 1.1.1u2 on Samsung Galaxy S


    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Selter. It’s unfortunate that the action was deprecated. But indeed, every step seemed necessary at the time i built the profile.
      Playing with different roms, I’m not using tasker at the moment. Can u remind us what is action 7? So that we can work on an equivalent.

      • Selter dit :

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        Unfortunately Tasker doesn’t show me the details of this action. It only says
        7: [REMOVED] Deprecated

        Maybe I can find it out in the XML code??
        Since « act » starts with 0, I assume this one is it:

        {class cl= »Action » sr= »act6″}

        Since I’m quite new to tasker, I’ve tried to add some more features but I failed …
        1) I want Tasker to switch off GPS when the home cell towers are in reach and switch on GPS when I’m leaving home.
        2) In addition during this time (when I’m at home) there is no need for the screenlock – it should be possible to access the phone without the security pattern.
        3) Also it would be nice to deactivate the WiFi from 0:00 until 7:00 (when I sleep)

        Is it possible to integrate these tasks into your script or would it be better to write an independent script??

        • Selter dit :

          Hi Juste,

          As I found out – it is not possible to toggle the GPS under Gingerbread. Possibly this is the reason why my attempts failed …
          So #1 is done :(

          No2: I sat up another profile; depending on WiFi connection it switches between keyguard on/off

          BUT: It would be great if anyone could help me with No3 ;-)


          • Juste MBAMBA dit :

            Hey! You can always try your luck at tasker dedicated forums. With N°3, it seems what you are looking for is shut all network connections or all data connections? Which one is right? For each you have a specific action in tasker: airplane mode or 2G only.

  20. Southafricanrob dit :

    Great idea and logic. Does anyone have any feedback on how much battery savings you experience ?

  21. Jim Kennedy dit :

    Juste, thanks for the great profiles. Works without a flaw. I have a thunderbolt (stock) and I am running Tasker 1.1.1u2. WIFI turns on at home and turns off when I leave. No issues to date. Many thanks.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Thanks Jim for this excellent report. Cheers.

      • Jim Kennedy dit :

        Thanks again. Couple of questions about adding a time contraint so that my WIFI turns off between 11:00pm and 6:00am. In your refcommendation to Hapyshirt, you indicated a 2 step solution. 1.) Create a profile with a high priority that cut’s WIFI at night, 2.) then edit the WIFI Starter profile. You have to add a context stating that the the profile is active between said hours.

        2 questions, why do I need step 2, won’t activating the new profile I created in step 1 suffice? And assuming I do need step 2 (Edit WIFI Starter profile), can you tell me what I need to edit to call in the new profile. Sorry for the rudimentary questions but I’m a newbie with Tasker. Thanks in advance. Regards Jim

        • Jim Kennedy dit :

          Okay, I resolved my question about how to turn WIFI off between 11:00pm and 6:00am. As you suggested, I created a new profile that turned my WIFI off between 11:00pm and 6:00am. What I didn’t initially understand was why I needed to add a time constraint to WIFI Starter. Of course the answer is if I did not add the time constraint to WIFI Starter, it would continue to re-establish my WIFI connection each time the new profile turned it off after 11:00pm. Once I understood this simple concept, it was a simple matter to add the new time constraint to WIFI Starter. Everything is now up and working the way I want it to work.Fun stuff and a great learn. Thanks again for your WIFI automation profiles and related tasks. Best regards, Jim

  22. Can you configure this to work for multiple locations other than your home?

  23. Jerry W dit :

    Are you sure this still works with Tasker Version: 1.1.1u2? I’ve noticed my wifi not being controlled like it used to, and it may have stopped working when I upgraded Tasker. I tried removing all tasks/profiles and starting from scratch, but I noticed in the Wifi Checks Params task, Step #7 just shows [REMOVED] Depreciated, which suggests something changed in the way Tasker handles whatever Step #7 used to do. In such a complex routine, I’m sure just one broken step could make the whole thing collapse. Any ideas?

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Some people have reported an inssue with « step 7″ being deprecated. I’ll have a look into it this week end. Stay tuned!

      • Jim Kennedy dit :

        I just realized that does indeed show Removed « deprecated ». Not sure what impact step 7 has on the entire process. I’ll try to check further when I go home tonight. Cheers Jim

        • Juste MBAMBA dit :

          Dear all, i looked into the « step 7 deprecated » thing this weekend.
          I downloaded Tasker 1.1.1u2. The task « WIFI Checks Params » initializes key variables of the WIFI automator. This task has a step 7 which displays variables’ values onscreen. Per se, step 7 has only a debug interest.
          I’ve tried the profiles without any edition, and it still works.
          So no worries, the automator still works perfectly.
          If think it’s working differently, you can try to rescan the cell towers in the profile « WIFI Starter ».
          Seasons greetings to all!

  24. nica dit :

    Hi, thanks for your script, it’s working for me!

    But for me there is a problem:

    When I go to sleep, I switch my phone to airplane mode and connect cable for charging battery. Now there should NOT be an active profile, no Wifi,

    What is the best solution for that? Thank you!

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hey there! If you are in airplane mode, the phone doesn’t scan any cell tower and tasker can’t activate the profile WIFI Starter. At least in theory.

      Isn’t the way it’s working for you?

      • nica dit :

        Hi, thanks for reply.

        When I switch into airplane mode, the profile « Wifi starter » start and turns Wifi on. Maybe the system/tasker remember the last used cell?

        So I tried to add a context « no airplane mode » to the profile « Wifi Starter », but I can NOT select « state » as a context, only app, day, time, event.

        In other profiles I can select « state » as a context.

        What can I do?

        • nica dit :

          Ok, only 2 state are allowed. I didn’t know that.

          So I created a new Profile with context state « airplane mode ». Task: Set profile « WIFI Starter » OFF.
          Exit task: Wait 10 seconds, Set profile « WIFI Starter » ON

  25. Sherman dit :

    thanks for the work, i really appreciate it.
    however i notice that when i am at home(within the cell tower range) and my home internet is NOT on, the wifi starter start the 2 mins loop and applies forever, it does not takes the 45mins break after the 15mins of scanning as mention in the post. why is it so? i nv change anything in the setting. pls help thanks

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi Sherman. In your experiment how long have you stopped the house hotspot?
      Please do note that there is no 2 mins loop per se. The 1st research loop last 15 mins (you can edit the time). During these 15 mins, the automator will search you WIFI every 2 mins. If it doesn’t find it in the 15 mins loop, then it moves to stage which lasts 45 mins. And so on.

  26. Mark dit :


    I have only just started using tasker, so i may have made a silly mistake. I using this on a Galaxy Nexus on ICS.

    When you edit the variable set and change the to field and replace *MBJC* with your ssid do you keep the * symbols?

    Also when i click test at this stage what should happen?

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      hiya Gents. We have our first ICS comment. Mark, you should keep the * symbols: your ssid is between two *.
      When you click test or run, it executes the task and create the variables used by the automator.

  27. Karl dit :

    I love the idea of this but it’s not working. The 5 tasks went in fine but the two Profiles won’t import; error message says ‘The name ‘WIFI App Search’ already exists ». I’m new to Tasker so it may be something very « obvious » but I can’t see it. Suggestions eagerly sought.

    Oh yeah, Droid X2, Tasker 1.2u2m, Android 2.3.4…

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hi. May you already imported the profiles? If nothing works, you should probably delete all wifi related profiles and tasks, and then try again.

      • Karl dit :

        It seems like it works for some apps and not others. It’s interesting, I can understand that the newer version of Android doesn’t allow GPS on/off, but it is bizarre that the switch seems to work sometimes and not others. I don’t think it’s a problem in your Profile, probably not even in Tasker. It seems to be a problem in Android. Hate to sound paranoid but given the market value of location information, making it difficult to turn off GPS seems like a slip, a decline towards « doing evil » on Google’s part. There seems no obvious reason why an easy on/off can’t be part of Android except that Google doesn’t want it.

      • Bert dit :

        Same problem, still haven’t found solution

  28. Karl dit :

    What does it mean in the directions « Click on ‘Test' », I see nothing labeled « Test » to click on… Maybe that’s the problem… Where is « Test »?

  29. Greg dit :

    Hi Juste. I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that this profile is simply brilliant. It does exactly what I need (I added both home and work wifi per instructions in the comments) and I also added a vibrate notify whenever the wifi is switched on or off via tasker. I know that the notify is not necessary, but I kind of like knowing when my wifi is switching around.
    Once again, thanks very much for posting this profile, I absolutely love it.
    If you need it, I’m using a rooted Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus with ICS 4.0.3 on the AOKP milestone 3 ROM.

  30. seba dit :

    Whenever I try to import the xml files, the app Force Close it.

    Have been trying many times, with no luck.

    Galaxy S2, Ginger 2.3.6, tasker 1.2.1

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Dude that’s really strange. No clue what might be the problem. Are you importing in tasker? Tasker isn’t suppose to FC. Do you have other profiles / tasks currently working? You can try something. Uninstall tasker, and delete the tasker folder on the sdcard. And reinstall again. Let us know.

  31. Charlie dit :


    Just wanted to say a big thank you for this Profile, i have been using this for around 2 years now. firstly on my HTC HD2 and now on my HTC Sensation and it is totally rock solid.

    I have never had any problems with it on GB or the new ICS it truly is a set up and forget profile, Like someone else above i have added a wifi status alert to it for the same reason as them but other than that the profile has not changed from your original code.

    Again thanks for making and sharing this :)

  32. damianas dit :

    Juste, nice work!

    I’m using Tasker ver. 1.2.1u1m and I have a little problem. The task « Wifi Checks Params » in action 7 displays: « [REMOVED] Deprecated »
    How do I fix this?

  33. Zoli1972 dit :


    I’d like to alter this settings a little bit:

    My WIFI should be turned on at any time, because I’m using an app named Hotspot Connect that connects to any free WIFI network in range, if there is any. If not, I want my phone to continously scan the WIFI neighborhood for known networks. If a known network appears in the list, it should connect to that immediately. I know, I could set up a cell-based-turn-on-and-connect-profile in Tasker, but I already have too many known non-free-networks in my phone, and when I’d do so, automated free hotspot connections wouldn’t work anymore. My additional problem is, that my phone has problems do maintain flawless WIFI traffic. Sometimes it drops connection in a way, that loos like it still would be connected (blue WIFI icon in notifications area). At this point, I have to manually disconnect WIFI, wait for a scan – if I’m lucky and any happens – if not, I have to scan and connect manually.

    So here is, what I want from Tasker:

    1. If not connected: Scan, let’s say every minute for a known network.
    2. If known network found: connect
    3. Ping Google every minute. If Ping isn’t successful: force disconnect, and Proceed at point #1


    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Zoli, it seems the default behaviour (without tasker) of Android WIFI would satisfy you. In the wifi advanced parameters, you just have to specify to leave wifi active all the time. Cheers.

  34. Richard dit :

    I’m running sandvold rom (ics) and latest tasker but tasker says profiles and task are incompatible? Any ideas?

  35. Darryl dit :

    Oh man, am I the only one that can’t get this to work? Is there any possible way to get help troubleshooting this?

    Initially I set this up very basically on my own using location but found the profile to be spotty at best. I believe I followed your tutorial but cannot for the life of me get this to work. I scanned for at least 1/2 an hour and edited the task « Wifi Checks Params » for my wireless network. I tried it with *my network name* both with the asterisks and without…no luck though.

    • Darryl dit :

      Um forget the previous post, I got it working but I guess I thought the tasker notification would indicate a profile was active. Instead it just says « No active profiles ».

      Whatever the case, thank you so much for supporting people who find this a very difficult app to wrap their heads around. I greatly appreciate this tutorial!

  36. droopie dit :

    i am making an app with a list of my fav profiles. can i include this in it with reference to your site? all credit will go to you of course with links to this page for more help.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Yes sure. If you want, we can collaborate on wrapping the automator into a tasker plug-in and release it on the market?

      • droopie dit :

        yea, im basically making an app with a listview of my most recommended tasker profiles. upon selecting a title, it will give you the a button that will automatically download all the files and place them in your tasker folder with a description and steps right below the download button.

  37. Paul dit :

    Hello, I installed and it worked just fine, or so I thought. Turned out, when I left the house, if would disable WiFi but 3G would not come on. Alternatively, I would come into the house, WiFi could come on, but 3G would remain on. Any idea what’s up?

    I have a Galaxy Nexus phone.

  38. khaostheory7 dit :

    Just wanted to let you know this works great AFTER I uninstalled Tasker version 1.2.1u1 and reinstalled version 1.2. It would get stuck on « Wifi Starting », that stayed green/ran for over an hour. Once I installed the older version of Tasker, everything worked beautifully!
    BTW I’m running:
    Droid X2
    Eclipse 2.2 Rom
    Android 2.3.5 (build 418)

    Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

  39. nick dit :

    So this seems like it would be great, if I could only get it to work. The profiles activate but they don’t actually turn the wifi on or off. I really want this to work, so any help would be awesome.

    • Juste MBAMBA dit :

      Hey Nick. Which phone / rom are u using? And which tasker version do you have?

      • nick dit :

        Droid Razr Maxx running ice cram sandwich and the version is 1.2.1u1m

        • Juste MBAMBA dit :

          What is the output when you run the Wifi Check Params task?

          • nick dit :

            I’m not gonna lie, I’m not too good when it comes to this stuff. So Idon’t really know what you mean. All I did was change the wifi name like you said in the instructions. Actually I didn’t change anything except for what your instructions said.

          • Juste MBAMBA dit :

            Ok. So at least you did the first part of step 5: insert in your WIFI network SSID. Then, you should run the task « Wifi Checks Params ». You should then execute step 6: edit the Network Cells in « WIFI Starter » profile. Look at the end of the wiki page for more details.

          • nick dit :

            How do i run the task? do i use the sideways triangle in the bottom right?

          • Juste MBAMBA dit :

            Hmmmm! Well you can try to create a simple task showing « hello world » and run it? For help creating tasks and using tasker, you should see the Tasker webpage. Cheers.

  40. SemperFratres dit :

    Great little task, but I cant get it loaded to try it. I’m hoping you can give me a little insight.

    I have the 5 tasks imported. (no issues.)
    When attempting to import the profiles, I get a message for both of them that says, « Error ‘WiFi AP Search’ already exists ».

    I have 3 other profiles that include GPS On, Weather, and Received Text, neither of which uses WiFi.

    I also have no other WiFi tasks with the exception of the five to run these profiles.

    Please reply, or email me for some insight. Thank you.

  41. Massimiliano dit :

    Hello my !
    Congratulations on your project WIFI Automator. I am using it with excellent results, but I noticed a small bug which does not allow the execution of the break with the time set in MDURWL2. I added in step 4 of WIFI AP search MyLAPSE If% <% MlapWL1. Do you agree with my analysis? I am a beginner and I read the listing easier to create it.

    Translation made by google translator

  42. John dit :

    Hi. Downloaded/Imported your WiFi Automator Tasks (5) and Profiles (2); however, need your expertise. WiFi does turn on (and connect) ok, however, when I leave my area (20 miles away) the WiFi does not turn off. (was out of home area for over 3 hours). The Profile « WiFi Stopper » shows « Active », and I can see « WiFi Stop 2″ running.. but it does NOT turn off my phone’s « WiFi » toggle. Thoughts?
    Thank you.

  43. John dit :

    Hi. Downloaded/Imported your WiFi Automator Tasks (5) and Profiles (2); however, need your expertise. WiFi does turn on (and connect) ok, however, when I leave my area (20 miles away) the WiFi does not turn off. (was out of home area for over 3 hours). The Profile « WiFi Stopper » shows « Active », and I can see « WiFi Stop 2″ running.. but it does NOT turn off my phone’s « WiFi » toggle. Thoughts?

    I’m using a Samsang GS2 Skyrocket (ATT), with ICS 4.0.4
    Tasker v1.3.1

    Thank you.

  44. John dit :

    I found why these profiles would not execute (at least in my case): the 2 Profiles downloaded/imported as « WiFi Automator_Starter » and « WiFi Automator_Stopper ». The problem is that Task « WIFI Start, Action#3 Perform Task is looking for Active Profile « WIFI Starter » (which doesn’t exist… as it is named « WiFi Automator_Starter). Same for Task « WIFI Stop 2″, Action#2 is looking for Active Profile « WIFI Stopper » (which doesn’t exist… as it is named « WiFi Automator_Stopper »).

    Two possible Solutions:
    1) rename Profile « WiFi Automator_Starter » to « WIFI Starter » and rename Profile « WiFi Automator_Stopper » to « WIFI Stopper ».

    2) fix Task « WIFI Stop 2″, Action#2 to read « If %PACTIVE !~ *WiFi Automator_Stopper » and fix Task « WIFI Start », Action#3 Perform Task to read « If %PACTIVE !~ *WiFi Automator_Starter*

    Solution #1 was the easiest… and it now works. In case anyone else has this issue.

  45. David dit :

    Hi – I had the same problem as some – with the profiles showing that they were already there (or ones with the same name) –

    I deleted the start and stop tasks from the task list – then went back to profiles, imported the two profiles successfully – then went back to tasks and reimported the other two – and success!

  46. David dit :

    PS> Thanks for sharing! It seems like a great little feature!

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