Get X10i 2.1 update faster

My phone is using the firmware R2BA026 Generic. As of now, the 2.1 « kit » is not out yet for my phone.

While wondering how to get it faster, I just tested a procedure using tips on xda forum. Here it is:

– download 1-click root (from here) and root your phone

– install Root Manager and open it. NB: you might have to restart Root Manager the first time

– in root manager, click the top-right button to have rw permissions

– navigate to the system folder

– long click on default.prop and select « open in text editor ». Root Manager opens the file.

– edit this two lines: ro.semc.version.cust and ro.semc.version.cust_version

In the two lines, change the number xxxx-xxxx to 1234-8465.

Save and exit.

Reboot the phone.

You are now reday to update!

Thanks Arkedk for the tip. You shall certainly make my night.

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