Creer Serge Girard

I was at « Salon Créer 2010″ today. You probably saw me with my pink shirt and marroon suit (irresistible dude!). When leaving, I met with the team of Serge Girard. An incredible dude. A crazy project. An awesome experience. The guy aims to run 25000 kms or 600 marathons, running every day for 365 days!

He (and is team) started Oct 17, 2009 in Paris, almost when we launched this blog. Seeing these guys today, just outside Lille Grand Palais was surreal.  He runs an average of 70 kms every day! They told me about the organisation of the race. Refreshments every 5 kms, natural needs (proof that he is still a human, not a droid!), GPS tracking, article & photos & videos on the blog every night, 2 vans. Somedays like today, he is even doing conference, right after he stops!

They have been on the road for already 11 months, visiting 25 european capitals! Just one more month to go! Go Serge. Go team. You have all my support!

Think about this:

The road is long for he who does not pursue his dreams to the end.

And think about the message Serge and his team are sharing with us over the course of this fantastic year!

God has created amazing beings.

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