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Funniest! LOL! LMAO!

vendredi, octobre 29th, 2010

While desperating waiting for SE Xperia X10 update (of course, you know there’s an Android Eclair Update coming), I often (twice every ten minutes) check the 2.1 update discussion thread at xd forums. This is what I just read:

Today, 11:10 AM

Originally Posted by tready View Post My grandads best mates aunties son works for a firm that cleanes se hq toilets and said he heard a se worker telling is mate in the next cubical while they were taking a dump the update would be relesed at noon uk time so today looks good


He was just constipated an said it would be out by noon.

The full story here:

SE has at least achieved one thing with this 2.1 update saga waited for one year: build the fastest growing thread on XDA: 5k+ posts on a sing thread in just 6 days. If anyone doubts that the X10 is (one of) the bast Android phones out there, at least this thread is a proof.

PS: don’t question my addiction to this update waiting race!

PS2: please SE, release the update, I want to get back to normal life.