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EcoverCité du 21 Avril, nous y étions!

jeudi, août 16th, 2012


EcoverCité = Ecover + Université. Malgré le brouillard à couper au couteau, nous y étions.



samedi, octobre 29th, 2011

At a time when almost every resource is scarce even the air we breath, at a time when we are being 7 billion folks greedy for life and happiness, one remain unlimited for everyone one of us in the crowd. As written in Is 43:13, « I am God and always will be ». So then, feel free to reach out to Him. By definition, He can’t be busy, He’ll be there for you. He can cater for each one of us, as if He is Unlimited.

Aaarghh! Sustainability?

mardi, août 23rd, 2011

I have a boy, a 5 y-o tall boy. God has blessed him with curiosity and kindness. I’d like to have a chance to eat those sweet fishes from the Atlantic Ocean. I’d like him to have a chance to kiss a girl. We were entrusted a girl, pretty, smart and with an innate knowledge of human mind. Will she ever receive white and red roses? Will she ever ever enjoy the majesty of snowfall? Or bear my mother a great-grand-child? (suite…)

Powered by the Sun

mardi, août 23rd, 2011

As a side note, it is interesting to imagine that we are powered by the sun. Yeah, we need to have daylight for our skins and our eyes and our brains. But there is more! Someone on the wikipedia sustainability page framed it this way: plants store Sun’s energy through photosynthesis. Plants are ate by animals. Those animals are ate by other animals. And we humans eat some of these animals / plants. In essence, every being on this earth, human, animal, or vegetable, eats the Sun. Can you say it: I need my daily supply of eatable and non eatable sun energy to fuel my day?